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Brief description:

Shuo Ke Wire Mesh product Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, China. Founded in 2009, the company has been more than 10 years. Our company specialized made of production, processing and sales of decorative mesh, safety fence,community courtyard fence, road guardrail, grassland fence,etc.

Shuo Ke wire mesh products Technology Co., Ltd. makes personalized metal curtain, wall decorative mesh,  partition decorative mesh, elevator decorative metal mesh, ceiling decorative mesh, glass inlater metal mesh, falling objects stainless steel protective mesh and other metal decorative mesh products with artistic style,this is a popular high-end decoration mesh in recent years.

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  • Introduction to metal mesh curtain

    Metal mesh curtain has many materials, such as high-quality alloy aluminum, brass, red copper, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire and other metal materials, which are formed by spiral weaving. Metal mesh curtain is also a new type of archite...

  • Why can copper mesh be shielded?

    Use of copper screen: it is mainly used for radiation protection of special cable circuits, laboratories, machine rooms and other special equipment. Anti electromagnetic interference of electronic equipment, power sector, aerospace, information industry and military equi...

  • Copper mesh shielding is mainly divided into several specifications?

    It can be imagined that the shielding mesh is the screen used to play the shielding effect, which can play the role of shielding net signal, shielding electromagnetic, shielding microwave and other facilities that need shielding. Copper mesh is a better shielding mesh pr...

  • Decorative net curtain

    The metal vertical curtain has a wide range of applications. The metal vertical curtain mesh can be used as the ceiling decoration mesh of buildings, facade, partition, sunshade, balcony and corridor, column surface decoration, roller shutter, stair passage and interior decoration of hotels, offi...

  • Stainless Steel Rope Mesh-Bird netting

    Birds are vertebrates, with a backbone and skeleton, although some of the bones are hollow to keep the bird light. Their forelimbs have the same bones as the human arm, but they are highly modified to form the structure for wings. Some of the bones in the wrist and fingers are fused together for...